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Art 1 Foundations - High School Lesson

The Future of Art

The rise of artificial intelligence in art and the ethics around it

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Recently, AI art and its ethics have been spotlighted and questioned. Artists feel like their work has been stolen or exploited by for-profit companies with zero consideration of the original creators. Many artists also feel threatened by the real possibility of how it will affect the (not-so-distant) future of art.

These students, who have grown up using technology in their everyday lives, might not understand why it can feel like a threat or an unwanted advancement to some. They might not be forward-thinking enough to empathize with professional artists who worry or are affected by the ease-of-use popular AI art tools.

This project will move them beyond the knowledge of human-made art into considering art made with the assistance of technology and reflect on what that means. It will have them consider what happens when technology is used to make art without a human hand. It will cause them to reflect on questions like, “What is art?”, “What is an artist?”, “Who owns artwork?” and “What is the future of art?”

  • HSP.1 CR Evaluate various sources for visual reference.

  • HSP.2 CR Explore multiple solutions to artistic problems.

  • HSP.4 CR Determine and apply what it means to create and share works of art ethically.

  • HSP.1 PE Determine appropriate levels of artisanship through persistence.

  • HSP.2 PE Demonstrate increasing skill with materials and techniques.

  • HSP.3 RE Utilize art criticism methods when responding to works of art.

  • HSP.4 RE Identify the relationships between community or cultural values and trends in visual art.

  • HSP.1 CO Understand how works of art reflect diverse communities, viewpoints, and perspectives.

Essential Questions:

  • How is artificial intelligence influencing artmaking?

  • Is AI art “real” art?

  • How do AI tools work? Is it ethical?

  • Is AI going to replace human artists?

  • Does art need to be created by a human?

  • Can technology be used as a support tool?

Student work:

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