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8th Grade Immersive Art Project & Budget Proposal

Community Partnership

with Otherworld Columbus

Otherworld is an immersive art experience located on the east side of Columbus that has an overall science fiction and fantasy theme — mythical creatures, dreamlike plants, futuristic science spaces, and childhood monster creations. Senses are fully engaged with colors, sounds, movements, and lights. Visitors can wander their way through the seemingly endless spaces to explore, with each room, tunnel, or hidden space uniquely embellished and considered part of the whole experience. There is a loose storyline you can follow, or you can just freely explore.

  • 8.2 CO Research artistic professions of personal interest.

  • 8.2 CR Brainstorm, refine and select solutions for original works of art

  • 8.3 CR Demonstrate visual literacy through the application of the elements of art and principles of design to communicate an idea

  • 8.1 PE Apply artisanship when preparing and presenting works of art

  • 8.2 PE Select materials and techniques to independently create works of art

  • 8.4 RE Understand how cultural factors affect what contemporary artists create

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