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7th Grade

Who do you admire?

Digital portraiture of our role models


Students know about the idea of a hero, idol, or someone they look up to. This unit will support their thinking about why they admire someone, and what makes someone worthy of admiration while also building digital illustration skills.


The intention of this unit is to give middle school students not only skills for digital illustration, but to also give them positive role models to look up to. “Identity formation is a dynamic process and key developmental task that begins in adolescence. During this time, children look to adults as role models and mentors. These adults can have a significant impact on adolescents’ decisions of appropriate or inappropriate behaviors” (Atif H, et all, 2022). As middle school students start becoming more independent and form their own ideas about themselves and deepen their personalities, conversations around role models and what makes someone admirable are appropriate.

  • 7.1CR Explore influences on style and choice of subject matter.

  • 7.3 CR Practice visual fluency through the application of elements of art and principles of design

  • 7.1 PE Demonstrate persistence and artisanship during the artmaking process.

  • 7.3 RE Interpret art by analyzing the characteristics of its context and media.

  • 7.3 CO Explore how personal experiences influence style and choice of subject matter.

Essential Questions:

  • Who do you admire? And why?

  • What makes someone admirable?

  • What is a symbolic portrait?

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