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8th Grade

What's your logo identity?

Using graphic design as a tool for communication

Graphic Designer Working

This unit will serve as an identity exploration project for students using the creative tool of graphic design.


As members of society, the students are already exposed to branding and logo designs daily in every aspect of their lives. From food to television to products they use every day, logos are all around us. But have they looked at them through a critical lens to understand their meaning or reference? Have they ever considered what a logo for themselves might look like?

““Build opportunities for identity exploration into the curriculum, both within traditional academic classes and through exploratory classes where students might be introduced to new interests and future passions” (Bishop, P., & Harrison, L. M., 2021).

This unit will serve as an identity exploration project for the 8th grade students. During this phase of adolescence, “students are undergoing vast changes in their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Students can brainstorm multifaceted ideas with teachers and peers… and can communicate personal messages” (Sickler-Voigt, 2020). The students are at an age where they are asking questions like “Who am I? Where do I fit in?” This unit can serve as a reflection tool to answer those questions, as well as share their identities with their peers.

  • 8.2 CR Brainstorm, refine and select solutions for original works of art.

  • 8.3 CR Demonstrate visual literacy through the application of the elements of art and the principals of design to communicate an idea.

  • 8.1 PE Apply artisanship when preparing and presenting works of art.

  • 8.3 RE Distinguish visual characteristics related to the meaning of works of art

  • 8.2 CO Research artistic professions of personal interest.

Essential Questions:

  • What is graphic design?

  • What do graphic designers do?

  • How can I become a graphic designer?

  • Can a logo reflect a person, group, or company?

  • How is a logo designed?

  • Can a logo reflect me as a person?

Student Work:

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