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Lesson Research and Ideas

Over the past year, I have been to multiple immersive art experiences. I have also been a part of planning and implementing an art installation. I am interested in sharing the idea that art can be more than just 2D with my students. Art can be an experience that swallows you up and appeals to multiple senses. It can create a complete environment.

Immersive art is a wonderful example of many different types of artists coming together to collaborate on a large project. Usually, these have a theme and are more about a unique experience versus conveying a message.

Immersive Art 

Over 40 artists designed and built Otherworld. 

List of designers who worked on this show.

Meow Wolf's corporate creative team

Installation Art

This exhibition is a series of public window displays where local artists tackled the theme of "Climate Conversations." 14 artists of various mediums were sellected to spend two weeks creating their display at a designated window location.

Installation art is also an art experience on a smaller scale. This can be a singular artist or a group of artists and usually has more meaning behind it.

JeeYoung Lee created dimensional spaces inspired by her thoughts and emotions. She confines herself to a single room that she redesigns for each setting.  

Caledonia Curry uses art to create an inviting space for human connection.

Kusama has said that her artwork is an expression of her life, and particularly of her obsessive-compulsive neuroses.

Sound Sculptures

Conceptual Inspiration

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