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Art education is more than learning creative techniques...

As an art educator, I am interested in the pedagogy of a curiosity driven, project-based, interdisciplinary, student-centered classroom that is run like a community creative space. I place high priority on helping students engage with art in intentional and meaningful ways that can strengthen their self-confidence, deepen their learning in multiple subjects, and strengthen their skills in self-expression, problem-solving, collaboration, visual literacy, and communication.

As their teacher and mentor, I will guide them to understand that their unique perspective is valued in an inclusive and supportive way. I will emphasize the value of creativity in the world around them by connecting learning to artists within the community, sharing pathways toward creative careers, and sharing how art can support other fields of study and society as a whole.

Experienced Commercial and Fine Artist

For 16 years I worked professionally as a graphic designer in multiple industries. In 2018, I refocused my career towards becoming a professional artist. While I enjoy creating in many mediums and techniques of art-making, my passion is in photography — digital, analog, and experimental.


The possibilities within photography have sparked my creative curiosity in endless ways. For me, art is a practice of playful inquisitiveness and exploration. Using alternative processes alongside traditional methods allows for experimentation and the ability to follow instinct and curiosity. With a deep love for process, I appreciate not only the outcome of my efforts, but also the methods and techniques that bring each piece to completion. 


Art not only regulates my self-awareness, but it is also the foundation for my connection to humanity. It is a discipline that I pursue and will continue to share.

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